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Biotechnology 2016-17
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Типи проектів у програмі Горизонт 2020

Типи проектів у програмі Горизонт 2020

H2020 Work Programme: NMP (1)

Topic area: Bridging the gap between nanotechnology research and markets


•NMP 1 - 2014: Open access pilot lines for cost-effective nanocomposites

•NMP 2 - 2015: Integration of novel nanomaterials into existing production lines

•NMP 3 - 2015: Manufacturing and control of nanoporous materials

•NMP 4 – 2014: High definition printing of multifunctional materials

•NMP 5 – 2014: Industrial-scale production of nanomaterials for printing applications

•NMP 6 – 2015: Novel nanomatrices and nanocapsules

•NMP 7 – 2015: Additive manufacturing for table-top nanofactories


Topic area: Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for more effective Healthcare


•NMP 8 – 2014: Scale-up of nanopharmaceuticals production

•NMP 9 – 2014: Networking of SMEs in the nano-biomedical sector

•NMP 10 – 2014: Biomaterials for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

•NMP 11 – 2015: Nanomedicine therapy for cancer

•NMP 12 – 2015: Biomaterials for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease


Topic area: Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for low-carbon energy technologies and Energy Efficiency


•NMP 13 – 2014: Storage of energy produced by decentralised sources

•NMP 14 – 2015: ERA-NET on Materials (including Materials for Energy)

•NMP 15 – 2015: Materials innovations for the optimisation of cooling in power plants 

•NMP 16 – 2015: Extended in-service life of advanced functional materials in energy technologies (capture, conversion, storage and/or transmission of energy)

•NMP 17 – 2014: Post-lithium ion batteries for electric automotive applications


Topic area: Exploiting the cross-sector potential of Nanotechnologies and Advanced materials to drive competitiveness and sustainability


•NMP 18 – 2014: Materials solutions for use in the creative industry sector

•NMP 19 – 2015: Materials for severe operating conditions, including added-value functionalities

•NMP 20 – 2014: Widening materials models

•NMP 21 – 2014: Materials-based solutions for the protection or preservation of European cultural heritage

•NMP 22 – 2015: Fibre-based materials for non-clothing applications

•NMP 23 – 2015: Novel materials by design for substituting critical materials

•NMP 24 – 2015: Low-energy solutions for drinking water production

•NMP 25 – 2014/2015: Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies, advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies by SMEs


Topic area: Safety of nanotechnology-based applications and support for the development of regulation


•NMP 26 – 2014: Joint EU & MS activity on the next phase of research in support of regulation “NANOREG II"

•NMP 27 – 2014: Coordination of EU and international efforts in safety of nanotechnology

•NMP 28 – 2014: Assessment of environmental fate of nanomaterials

•NMP 29 – 2015: Increasing the capacity to perform nano-safety assessment

•NMP 30 – 2015: Next generation tools for risk governance of nanomaterials


Topic area: Addressing generic needs in support of governance, standards, models and structuring in nanotechnology, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing


•NMP 31 – 2014: Novel visualisation tools for enhanced nanotechnology awareness

•NMP 32 – 2015: Societal engagement on responsible nanotechnology

•NMP 33 – 2014: The Materials "Common House"

•NMP 34 – 2014: Networking and sharing of best practices in management of new  advanced materials through the eco-design of products, eco-innovation, and product life cycle management

•NMP 35 – 2014: Business models with new supply chains for sustainable customer- driven small series production 

•NMP 36 – 2014: Facilitating knowledge management, networking and coordination in NMP

•NMP 37 – 2014: Practical experience and facilitating combined funding for large-scale RDI initiatives

•NMP 38 – 2014/2015: Presidency events

•NMP 39 – 2014: Support for NCPs

•NMP 40 – 2015: Support for clustering and networking in the micro- & nanofluidics community


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